Nick Ramsey

nick uitsnede klein

Nick Ramsey

  • stroke
  • epilepsy
  • neuromuscular disorders
  • translational research
  • structure and connections
  • from research to care
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Nick Ramsey has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in neuro-psychopharmacology, both from the university of Utrecht (Netherlands). He became a specialist in cognitive neuroimaging in the US (National Institutes of Health), and applies modern techniques, including fMRI and intracranial EEG, to questions on working memory, language, and sensorimotor function. His primary goal is to acquire and translate neuro-scientific insights to patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders, with a focus on brain-computer interfacing. He is full professor in cognitive neuroscience at the department of neurology and neurosurgery of the UMC Utrecht since 2007. He has been awarded several personal grants including a VIDI (NWO, 2002) for elucidating working memory, a VICI (NWO, 2006) and later a European ERC Advanced grant for developing intracranial BCI concepts for paralyzed people. The BCI research resulted in an implantable prototype for locked-in patients for which a clinical trial starts in 2014 (STW). He also was awarded a STW Valorisation grant (phase 1 & 2) for starting a spin-off company to provide Clinical fMRI reports to clinicians. He has supervised over 20 PhD students and has (co)authored over 160 peer-reviewed publications.

Research line and group

Research line
Brain computer interface
Number of PhD students
Number of postdocs

Personal fellowships and awards

  • ZonMw 2003-2008 Personal program grant (VIDI)
  • NWO 2007-2013 Personal Program grant (VICI from STW)
  • ERC 2013-2018 ERC Advanced personal grant
  • STW Valorisation Grant stage 1 (2012) and STW Valorisation Grant stage 2 (2013)
  • ERC 2015-2017 ERC Proof-of-Concept personal grant

Most recent key publications

  • Kristo G, Raemaekers M, Rutten GJ, de Gelder B, Ramsey NF (2015) Inter-hemispheric language functional reorganization in low-grade glioma patients after tumour surgery. Cortex. 64:235-48
  • Vansteensel MJ, Bleichner MG, Freudenburg ZV, Hermes D, Aarnoutse EJ, Leijten FS, Ferrier CH, Jansma JM, Ramsey NF (2014) Spatiotemporal characteristics of electrocortical brain activity during mental calculation. Hum Brain Mapp. 35(12):5903-20.
  • Hermes D, Miller KJ, Vansteensel MJ, Edwards E, Ferrier CH, Bleichner MG, van Rijen PC, Aarnoutse EJ, Ramsey NF (20-14) Cortical theta wanes for language. Neuroimage. 85 Pt 2:738-48
  • Siero JCW, Hermes D, Hoogduin H, Luijten PR, Petridou N, Ramsey NF (2013) BOLD consistently matches electrophysiology in human sensorimotor cortex at increasing movement rates: a combined 7T fMRI and ECoG study on neurovascular coupling. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 33(9):1448-56
  • Hermes D, Siero JCW, Aarnoutse EJ, Leijten FSS, Petridou N, Ramsey NF (2012) Dissociation between neuronal activity in sensorimotor cortex and hand movement revealed as a function of movement rate. J Neurosci 32(28): 9736 - 9744