Jurgen de Graaff

De Graaff JC foto


Jurgen de Graaff is an anesthesiologist and epidemiologist. He obtained a PhD at the University of Amsterdam on his thesis entitled: “The use of microcirculatory techniques in the assessment of pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of critical limb ischemia”. 
After his training at the Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein he became a staff anesthesiologist at the UMC Utrecht and specialized in pediatric anesthesia at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. He was a visiting researcher at the Murdoch Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne in 2012.

Jurgen is involved in various clinical studies focusing on the improvement of perioperative care in children and the effect of anesthesia on the brain on the short and long term. Hereto he  uses retrospective and prospective pre- and intraoperative databases. The improvement of perioperative care in children focuses on the supposed toxic effect of anesthesia at young age on the developing brain (Child Cognition). On the long term, he is involved in prospective studies evaluating the incidence and cause of postoperative encephalopathy in neonates. Furthermore he is a member of the Trial Steering Committee and Management Group of the GAS-study. Furthermore, Jurgen was involved in the clinical evaluation of the vessel viewing systems facilitating peripheral vascular canulation. 

Personal fellowships and awards

  • European Society for Anesthesia Research Grant 2013
  • Murdoch Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia
  • ESA Philips Grant 2015: Development of reference ranges for vital signs for children during anesthesia has been successful
  • ESA Research Support Grant 2013: Effect of time and duration of anesthesia during childhood on psychopathology in monozygotic twins.

Most recent key publications

  • JC de Graaff, MC Sarfo, L van Wolfswinkel, DBM van der Werff, ANJ Schouten. Anesthesia related critical incidents in the perioperative period in children; a suggestion for a specified anesthesia-related critical incidence registration for children. Pediatr Anesth 2015; 25: 621-629
  • C van den Boomen, JC de Graaff, TPVM de Jong, CJ Kalkman, C Kemner. GABAergic modulation through general anesthesia affects visual processing in children. Front Cell Neurosci. 2013; 23;7:42
  • JC de Graaff, NJ Cuper, RAA Mungra, K Vlaardingenbroek, SC Numan, CJ Kalkman. Near-infrared light to aid peripheral intravenous cannulation in children: a cluster randomized clinical trial of three devices. Anaesthesia, 2013; 68(8): 835-45
  • JC de Graaff, JB Bijker, T Kappen, L. van Wolfswinkel, CJ Kalkman Incidence of intraoperative hypoxia in children in relation to age. Anesth Analg 2013; 117(1):169-175
  • OCP van der Woude, N. Cuper, C Getrouw, CJ Kalkman, JC de Graaff. Effectiveness of a near-infrared vascular imaging device to support intravenous cannulation in children with a dark skin color; a cluster randomized clinical trial. Anesth Analg. 2013;116(6):1266-71