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Dr. Frans Leijten

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Dr. Frans S.S. Leijten (1960) studied medicine at Utrecht University and obtained his MD in 1986. He became a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist in 1994. In 1996 he defended his PhD thesis on critical illness polyneuropathy at Leiden University. He worked as an epileptologist at epilepsy center SEIN, then called Meer en Bosch, in Heemstede, from 1994-1996. Since then, he has been working at the University Medical Center Utrecht, where he is now head of the EEG department and the monitoring unit for invasive EEG recordings. He is also chairman of the National Dutch Epilepsy Surgery Taskforce. He is a member of the European Childhood Epilepsy Surgery Group U-TASK and of the European Network for Epilepsy Research ENER. His research focuses on epilepsy surgery diagnostics: how to best perform epileptic source imaging, how to assess and localize cortical functions, and how to treat patients with severe intractable epilepsy. His team explored the clinical use of new advanced neuroimaging methods, clinical decision-making in focal epilepsy, quality-of-life and coping issues in intractable epilepsy, and now is engaged in a national collaboration to develop a device to detect seizures during the night. Recent research focuses on electrocorticography, electrocortical stimulation and high-frequency oscillations in the EEG. Together with the department of Applied Mathematics of Twente University, he is engaged in developing a neural mass computer model of electrocortical stimulation. Dr Leijten is the editor of a Dutch textbook on clinical epilepsy.

Research line and group

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Personal fellowships and awards

  • Translational grant ZonMW/Epilepsy foundation
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • College van Zorgverzekeraars

Most recent key publications

  • Van ‘t Klooster MA, Van Klink NEC, Leijten FSS, Zelmann R, Gebbink TA, Gosselaar PH, Braun KPJ, Huiskamp GJM, Zijlmans M. Residual fast ripples in the intra-operative corticogram predict epilepsy surgery outcome. Neurology 2015;85:120-8
  • Van Andel JM, Leijten FSS, Van Delden JJM, Van Thiel GJMW. What makes a good home-based nocturnal seizure detector? A value sensitive design. PlosOne 2015;10:e0121446.
  • De Jonge JC, Melis GI, Gebbink TA, De Kort GAP, Leijten FSS. Safety of a dedicated brain MRI protocol in patients with a vagus nerve stimulator. Epilepsia 2014;55:e112-5
  • Van ’t Klooster MA, Zijlmans M, Leijten FSS, Ferrier CH, Huiskamp GJM. Time Frequency Analysis of Single Pulse Electrical Stimulation to assist Delineation of Epileptogenic Cortex. Brain 2011;134:2855-66.
  • Agirre-Arrizubieta Z, Huiskamp GJM, Ferrier CH, Van Huffelen AC, Leijten FSS. Interictal MEG and the irritative zone in the electrocorticogram. Brain 2009;132:3060-71.