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Dr. Carin Schröder

  • stroke
  • neuromuscular disorders
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Dr. Carin Schröder obtained her PhD degree at University of Aberdeen in Scotland (2008) with Marie Jonhston. Title of her thesis: Control perceptions and activity limitations in people with disabling medical conditions. Carin is GZ-psychologist and since 2010 senior researcher at the Hoogstraat rehabilitation and the UMCU in collaboration with the RMI for Neurosciences and the Utrecht Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation Medicine.

Her research expertise has a focus on  theoretically based research, using psychological theory in combination with WHO model of disability as described in the international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) . Focus of her research is twofold; 1/ measuring (control) cognitions and activity (limitation) and 2/ the development of theory based interventions changing (control) cognitions in order to improve physical functioning in people with neuromuscular disease.


Research line and group

Research line
Neuromusculair disease and rehabilitation
Number of PhD students

Most recent key publications

  • Annerieke C van Groenestijn, Ingrid GL van der Port, Carin D Schröder, Marcel WM Post, Hepke F Grupstra, Esther T. Kruitwagen, Harmen van der Linde, Reinout O van Vliet, Margreet GH van de Weerd, Leonard H van den Berg and Eline Lindeman (2011) Effects of aerobic exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy on functioning and quality of life in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis:protocol of the FACT-2-ALS trial BMC Neurology 11:70
  • Carin Schröder, Marie Johnston, Laurien Teunissen, Nicolette Notermans, Paul Helders and Nico van Meeteren (2007); Perceived control is a concurrent predictor of activity limitations in patients with Chronic Idiopathic Axonal Polyneuropathy. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vol 88 page 63-69
  • Petra Siemonsma, Carin Schröder, Leo D. Roorda, Ant Lettinga (2010)The benefits of theory for outcome research: the case of a cognitive treatment for chronic low back pain rehabilitation. Journal of rehabilitation medicine Vol 42 page 111-116
  • Lieke van Oort, Carin Schröder, David French (2010). What do people think about when they answer the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire? A ‘think aloud’ study. British journal of health psychology
  • Carin Schröder, Marie Johnston, Val Morrison, Laurien Teunissen, Nicolette Notermans and Nico van Meeteren (2007) Health condition, impairments and activity limitations. Rehabilitation Psychology Vol 52, No 3, page 280-289